Halloween Decor & Displays

Mom and I had so much fun decorating for Halloween this year and we are so pleased with the results, I just had to share some pictures! Most things were obtained from second hand shops or yard sales – or handmade so unfortunately, I can’t tell you where to purchase most things if you want to recreate any of our displays. Maybe this will just give you some ideas to decorate your home for this fun holiday.

I hope you enjoy this brief look into our home. Let me know what you think – or feel free to share your own displays – especially if we inspired any of your designs.

The coffee table display was originally my favorite but then the top of the china cabinet came together and I love that too – THEN I did the cornucopia in the kitchen and I love the way that came out! They all just make me happy to look at. I hope they warm your heart or give you a smile too

The coffee table started with a copper colored ceramic dish I got from a neighbor (thank you Marshallene Ives) then I added a short garland of fall leaves and a pretty copper colored pumpkin I got from one of the craft stores a few years ago (Michaels, Joannes or Hobby Lobby – I’m sorry I don’t remember which one). I was quite pleased with the results, then Mom added our adorable kitchen witch that was a gift (thank you Aunty Laine – luv you!) and that made it spectacular. It looks so pretty on the table that Dad rebuilt for us. I got it at a yard sale because I loved the wrought iron base but the top was damaged. So we sanded & spray painted the base and Dad cut a new top that he then sealed with polyurethane (thank you Dad – nice job).

The main focus on the china cabinets is this giant plastic cauldron we got at a yard sale. Mom suggesting putting it on its side and I just loosely stuffed a leaf garland spilling out the top and it looks fabulous! I hung a string of orange pumpkin patio lights along the front. I think I got them on clearance at Target a few years ago. Then I put up a few wooden pieces I got at craft fairs, added two candlesticks. I put a leaf in each candle globe, with just the tip peaking out and it looks like flames! Lastly I turned over my compote bowl so I could use it to elevate the pumpkin in the center back. The bowl it covered by the leaves so you can’t even see it.

Use your imagination with using what you have to elevate your display pieces to give height to your designs (candlesticks are my favorite choice and I have them in many heights so I usually have just the size I need). Pedestal cake dishes are another great option – and they are pretty too. But you can use empty boxes or a turned over cereal bowl for a quick and easy option – just cover your riser piece with your greenery of choice or a scrap of fabric.

Mom did the dining room table display. She started with a really interesting metal leaf basket that we got from one of my sisters (thank you Veronica). The end result is gorgeous but you really can’t see the basket but it was a perfect choice nonetheless. She wrapped a short piece of leaf garland around the handle, then added some faux loose leaves and real gourds & white pumpkins I purchased from Sprouts. The final touch was to set the basket in the center of a red berry wreath. This will last throughout the fall season, not just Halloween.

The kitchen counter boasts the beautiful cornucopia that we got at a second hand store – it is very large and impressive. I started by stuffing gold & yellow tissue paper in the bottom so the focus items would sit up high in the mouth of the horn. I added yet another leaf garland piece, faux gourds and apples along with a few ears of mini Indian corn. The final touch was the October calendar page I made last year designed by my wonderful friend, Kirsteen Gill.  It looks lovely in the antiqued gold frame and just belongs alongside the cornucopia.  They belong together – like peanut butter and jelly! Lol

The lowboy in the entry features two wonderful gourd houses that we got at yet another yard sale (you gotta love a good yard sale). They were apparently a limited edition from Partylite (a home demonstration company specializing in candles & decor. They don’t appear to be as popular here in Texas – I was very familiar with them when I lived in Connecticut). I have tried to find more but I can’t see that they sold any more than these two which is a shame because they are absolutely gorgeous with their ornate windows and details.

Mom added two flocked pumpkins and leaves. Then I added a garland to the mirror and a picture I made a few years ago with a Stampin Up Project Life kit. This was also inspired by Kirsteen Gill (thank you for all of your wonderful ideas and designs Kirsteen!).

In the mirror you can see the cute crow I made a few years ago from a paper mache witches hat and a black feather boa. You really can’t see the details but she is super cute. She has a pipe cleaner worm in her beak and a cute little red bow holding her bangs (feathers) out of her eyes. Lol

Lastly we did the mantle and hearth. The hearth has a cute carved lighted faux pumpkin with an adorable stuffed spider sitting on top (the spider needs her tag removed – I can’t believe I didn’t notice that until I was posting the pictures 😟). Crawling out from under the pumpkin is a severed hand I got at a Halloween shop many years ago. Next is a bottle of bats brew that is just a recycled wine bottle with a Halloween label – I purchased a bag of them years ago but there are now many on-lines sites where you can download all kinds of images to mod podge on your recycled bottles and jars. I love The Graphics Fairy for their vintage images. Next to all that is a really vintage looking pail I have had for years. It was a gift from some co-workers.

On the mantle is a stuffed bunny witch that I have also had for many years, a red bottle full of “bats brew” that I think I got from Hobby Lobby. To make more potions, there are two vials in a jar sitting on a cool candlestick I found at another yard sale. It is very Halloween looking but I have used it in other displays and it just looks vintage. In the center is a metal pumpkin candle holder and the left side boasts a wooden witch and balsa wood pumpkin that had been dyed green. And yes, another leaf garland is woven through it all.

I hope you enjoyed my little tour. To make an eye catching display, start by gathering all of the item that fit the theme or holiday or color of your choice. Gather anything and everything you think “might” go and put it all together in one place. Mom and I usually use the dining room table. Then pick your favorite piece to start your display. It doesn’t have to be the biggest piece – it’s just a starting point – and since it is your favorite piece, you want to be sure it is figured prominently in your display. If is is a small piece, consider putting it on a riser such as a candlestick or pedestal dish. Try different things to see what looks best. Then go back to your “supplies” and pick your next item. Just because you add an item doesn’t mean it has to stay – if after adding a few more pieces you decide “that purple piece” just doesn’t work – just take it out and try something else. Don’t forget to work with different heights as well as sizes.  Just keep playing by adding and subtracting until you are happy with the results. It’s your display so do what makes YOU happy.

This is really a fun hobby that changes your decor multiple times a year with minimal effort. Just be free and have fun. I guarantee the more you do it, the better you will get and the more enjoyment you will get out of it (both from just looking at your creations as well as all of the compliments you will get. Check out some of my earlier displays on the “My creations” board on my Pinterest page.

And, if you think we went crazy for Halloween, stay tuned for our Christmas decorating!  Thanks for stopping by.


Oh My Stars in Katy, TX is carrying my cards!

Oh My Stars is having their Grand Opening event this weekend at 1935 Avenue D, Katy, TX and they are carrying some of my hand made greeting cards!  I am so excited to have them in a storefront, I can’t even put it into words. Thank you so much to Malonya and Jodi for giving me this opportunity and exposure.

Oh My Stars is a wonderful store carrying unique home decor and gift items.  Visit them this weekend, August 7th & 8th and check out their fantastic items. All details are on their Facebook page.  I wish them success and happiness in their new venture!  I hope this leads to a long and fruitful relationship between Oh My Stars and Jnets Line.

I also hope that this will be the spark that gives me some self confidence so that I can put myself and my products out there more.  I don’t know what is wrong with me that I am so afraid to pursue my dreams and start by selling myself and my products.  I love what I do and I am very proud of what I produce.   I really love to give my things away as gifts which usually results in what we all love  — compliments!  ………….But then I see other crafters work and I lose all confidence. I don’t feel that my work holds up and I can’t imagine people willing to pay their hard earned money for my stuff.  I have always gotten the support and praise from my family (thank you all so much, I love you and so appreciate your help, praise and encouragement over the years), but let’s face it, they are family – they have to be nice right? Lol. Except for Dad, we can always trust Dad to tell you exactly what he is thinking!

Anyway, all this boils down to the fact that this is a very big step for me and I intend to keep those steps going in the right direction, so thank you again to Oh My Stars Jodi and Malonya.  Good luck ladies!

Card Making for a little girl with brain cancer

Izzy Garcia is a beautiful 4 year old girl in Houston, TX.  At the age of two she was diagnosed with Ependymoma, a form of brain cancer.  After a two year battle, her parents have received the most horrible news that she only has a few more weeks to fight.

I am hosting a card making evening on Tuesday, March 22nd at 7pm to make cheery bright cards for Izzy’s last days and some encouragement cards for her parents.  They also have a young son and a newborn baby at home so they need all of the encouragement and sunshine they can get to help brighten a dark time for a young family.

If you would like to join us, please visit my meetup page.  Please feel free to invite a friend or contact me if you have an questions.

Thank you and I hope to see everyone on Tuesday!

Please note 50% of my fees will be donated to Izzy’s gofundme account to help her family pay for the overwhelming medical expenses they have incurred over the last two years.  Please feel free to visit Izzy’s account and make your own donation.  Thank you.


2015 Ornament Exchange – Days 9 and 10

2015-Ornament-Exchange-Day-9 [543622] 2015-ornament-exchange-day-10

Wow, look at all of these fabulous ornaments!  There are so many I like, I can’t decide which one to make first.  Visit Erlene’s Pinterventure page here to find information on all of the fabulous ornaments featured in the exchange.  Thank you to my co-exchangers for some wonderful choices.  There are still more to come so check back to see what the rest have in store for us.  (I am getting so excited to put up my Christmas tree – how many more days do I have to wait?)

Happy Crafting Everyone!


2015 Ornament Exchange – Day 8


Click here for all of the links and directions for todays wonderful ornaments.  They just keep on coming – and like I said before – there is something to please everyone – no matter what your décor style is.  Come back tomorrow to see even more.  Thanks for stopping by.  Do you have an ornament to share?  Post it in the comments below.  Have a wonderful day everyone!

Happy Crafting!