Witching Decor

I completed my Witches Hat from the Witching Decor Project Kit and I love how it came out!  Again, I truthfully say it comes out so much better than the pictures in the catalog show.  I am not a burlap fan so I substituted the burlap bow with a pretty orange organza ribbon that I tied with the Ribbon Maker I got from CreatandCraft.com.  I have always been terrible at tieing bows and this has been a life saver.  I got two sizes that tie tiny bows for cards and larger bows for home decor projects like wreaths and such.

The directions tell you to put the leave on the linen string but I didn’t care for that look either so I spritzed my leaves & crumpled them and let them dry.  Then I sponged them with crumb cake (I liked that a little better than the soft suede the directions called for)  then I randomly placed them around the had gluing them down with Tombow glue  So here is what I ended up with.  Let me know what you think.  You can order a kit for yourself from my Stampin’ Up page or just e-mail me!



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