I am so excited for my Open House – I can’t believe it is almost here.

I can’t believe it is almost here – Saturday is just a few days away and I feel like a little kid just before Christmas.  We are going to have so much fun.  I am really looking forward to introducing my passion and Stampin’ Up to my friends and family.  I was really disappointed to realize that my mom is flying out of town that day so she will not be able to attend — but that give me an excuse to have another party when she gets home! LOL

I just got notice of a huge order being shipped from Stampin’ Up giving more reason for it to feel like Christmas.  I hope it gets here by Saturday so I can show off all of the new things I got, but it will be OK if it doesn’t get here (another reason for me to have another party).  The Holiday Catalog has so many new and fun things that i was able to pre-order as a demonstrator.  The catalog goes live tomorrow so I get to show off all of the wonderful goodies on Saturday and everyone can order from either catalog.   I will be scheduling workshops in conjunction with some great holiday kits that we have — one of my favorites is a wreath that is easily interchangeable for 3 (yes I said THREE) holidays – Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas – it is fabulous – and let me tell you the pictures in the catalog do not do it justice – it comes out looking soooooo much better.

So, don’t forget to come on over for my Open House Saturday at 7pm as I start my new adventure with Stampin’ Up.  If you have not received an invitation and would like to attend, please send me a message, and I will be happy to give you the details.  And, if you can’t attend and would like to shop, visit my Stampin’ Up page here.and you can submit an order online — or feel free to e-mail it to me and I will submit it for you.

Everyone loves a handmade card, let me help you create one to give to someone special in your life – I promise you will LOVE the feelings it generates.


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